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exchange six - frands & krakow round deux

It seems like I'm somehow always three weeks behind on posting. I also wrote this entire post on Krakow without realizing I hadn't written about the weekend BEFORE that yet so it's going to be a bit disproportionate detail-wise but HERE WE GO.

The weekend after Berlin Katie and Karly came to visit us in PRAHAAA! It was so fun being able to be quasi-tour guides in "our" city, and we had saved a lot of the cliche touristy stuff for this visit so we were actually doing a lot of the stops for the first time ourselves too! We finally made it to the castle, the cathedral, and petrin hill where we tried hot wine (weird) and climbed the mini Eiffel tower there for a 360 view of the city.

We also took advantage of an unusually warm and sunny day to go PADDLE BOATING, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. While we floated the sun was starting to set which made the already beautiful fall leaves look even more golden, and we were greeted by the occasional swan while we enjoyed some bevvies on the river. Like come on, does that not sound amazing? It was.

The next weekend was our Halloween trip to Krakow (finally)! It was a bit surreal to completely redo our previously attempted trip at the exact same station and the exact same time, just three weeks later but at least we did it right this time! We got on our train at 5:48AM and were on our way. After some surprisingly good train food, a transfer to a bus, and a couple hours later, we arrived in Krakow. We were greeted by surprisingly warm weather compared to what we had been experiencing in Prague (we had some below zero nights during those weeks), found a cab, and headed to our AirBnb.

After settling in we were almost immediately off to go explore. We were able to see most of the main tourist attraction-esque buildings within an hour or so because it turns out Krakow is pretty small, but we thoroughly enjoyed the stroll after a long day of travelling and hit up a couple church/ cathedrals, the castle courtyards, and the old town square. We all commented on how similar Krakow is to Prague, albeit quite a bit smaller (and I thought cleaner - there was virtually NO graffiti to be found). It was really adorable though, and because of the time change the sun was already quite low in the sky by the time we got there, but it provided some pretty amazing sunset lighting for our pictures, and really, that's one can ask for in life.

That night we headed to a sushi place that was recommended by our friends, it was yum but still didn't compare to home and we're all still madly craving that west coast SUUUSH. Like we've all mentioned on multiple occasions our intention of eating nothing but sushi for a week straight when we're back. Watch out Vancouver.

That night we headed back to our friends' apartment with everyone else who was in town for the weekend and had some drinks and caught up. We headed back home fairly early to make sure we didn't miss our 8am wake up for our tour of Auschwitz the next day.

The next morning we were up bright and early to try and find some breakfast before heading on our 7 hour tour. As we walked outside we were met with the eeriest mist covering the entire city. It gave everything a very appropriately spooky Halloween feel while also making it VERY COLD. We also didn't realize that literally nothing is open at 8am in Krakow and ended up having to go into a random hotel for a weird breakfast of like.. melted cheese on toast and an egg on top. 

We made our way by bus to the Auschwitz 1 Camp. I won't get too much into it, but our tour of Auschwitz 1 and 2 (Birkenau) was chilling, to say the least. I highly recommend going, it really is an important educational experience and very different than just reading about it in a textbook.

That night we went for a big dinner at a traditional Polish place with all 12? 13? of us then walked around the town a bit in the jewish quarter. We went to a quaint little shot/ breakfast bar, had a couple drinks there (we got a shot called the chupa chup - like the candy I guess?). After that, we trekked back through the mist to the guys' place where we donned our "costumes", and I do use that word lightly. I think about 70% of us were cats, then there was a couple devils, and a couple lumberjacks. Costuming while abroad is not exactly easy, okay?!

And that was pretty much our trip! We headed back to Prague the next day, spent the next weekend here studying (boo midterms), and this weekend Rach and I are jetting off to IRELAND!!! Till then, pce n luv kitties!

Unrelated but important-to-me end note: This blog is officially two years old! Happy birthday lil baby!